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With Tens of Thousands behind him Abu Dhabi, Khabib Nurmagomedov Demonstrates he’s cut above the rest at UFC 242

Last updated on September 9, 2019

The UFC chose to cash in on his superstardom along with his next from the Muslim community.

The audience in Abu Dhabi was vociferous since they chanted Khabib’s title in total quantity. With the glowing lights, Khabib shined even brighter. He had the help of tens of thousands of fans at Yas Island, and also he put in a performance for the ages since he mauled Dustin Poirier in 3 rounds to keep his UFC Lightweight Championship.

Khabib improved his record 28-0 because his undefeated streak in MMA proceeds after his triumph over Poirier. Over the span of 3 rounds, Khabib just appeared in trouble. Once at the beginning of the minute round, Poirier was landing some punches since Khabib attempted to evade. Then just prior to the conclusion, Poirier secured in a guillotine that was also masterfully negated from the Dagestani.

These two were the only moments that Poirier seemed like a danger as Khabib dominated him along with his exceptional wrestling during the struggle. After emptying out Poirier from the next round, Khabib procured a rear-naked choke to complete the battle at 2:06 to the next round. This cemented his position among the pound for pound best as the audience looked in amazement of his operation.

Even Khabib confessed he is feeling the strain of carrying the load of expectations of a complete community onto his shoulders. When asked about his perspective fight with Tony Ferguson, Khabib requested for a few days away before deciding his next move.

“The previous two years were quite active for me. Personally, I need to relax just a tiny bit, I’ve got a little too much strain on my shoulders,” he explained. “Give me a tiny bit of time, two or three days.”

There was a little jab in his rival McGregor at which he remarked that MMA is all about honor, not crap talking.

“Last battle with bulls–t man, we had a whole lot of crazy things. We reveal actually what’s this MMA. MMA, No. 1 factor is an honor,” Nurmagomedov said after his second straight title defense. “MMA isn’t about crap talking. That is what we reveal with Dustin Poirier and his team.”

It seems like we might have Khabib back into the Octagon sooner instead of later and the lovers have started dreaming of a deadly game between the Eagle and El Cucuy.