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‘Wonderchicken’: Satisfy the Little but Powerful bird Which outlived the dinosaurs

An early fossil is providing scientists an insight to how an early ancestor to the hens and ducks lived the asteroid attack that wiped out the dinosaurs.

Nicknamed”Wonderchicken”, the small fossil is about 66.7 million years old, also has been discovered at a Belgian quarry as soon as an amateur fossil collector watched its bones sticking from the floor.

“This gives us with the very first direct glimpse we have ever had of a bird out of about 66.7 million decades back,” explained Daniel Field, by the University of Cambridge.

In addition to colleagues he declared the find from the journal Nature.

And therefore, our fossil, and that we prefer to call the’Wonderchicken’, provides us unprecedented insight into the way contemporary birds lived that event event that wiped out the non-avian dinosaurs”

Researchers believe the growth of the family tree to get modern-day-birds was at a early phase once the asteroid struck, says Field.

The fossil reveals several traits which were suggested as beneficial for living. It was little and its legs indicate it didn’t reside in trees, an important factor since woods were believed to have been ravaged by wildfires.