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World’s oldest man, That Stated Covert was Grinning, Expires at 112

A Japanese guy who received his certification as the world’s oldest guy with a raised fist and big smiles before this month has died in 112.

Guinness World Records had given the certification into Chitetsu Watanabe on Feb. 12. The company and the funeral home handling his solutions confirmed Tuesday he’d expired Sunday. No cause has been given.

He’d been able to consume lately and acquired a fever and trouble breathing a few days before his departure, Japan’s nationally circulated newspaper Mainichi reported, citing household resources.

Watanabe’s family didn’t immediately respond to calls to their property.

After returning to Niigata, northern Japan, he worked to the prefectural authorities until retirement.

He grew vegetables and fruit on the household farm and adored cream puffs and bonsai, the Japanese traditional art of increasing little sculpted trees.

He was able to say that the key to longevity was supposed to keep smiling.

Guinness at Japan given its condolences to his loved ones.

The oldest living man can also be Western, Kane Tanaka, a 117-year-old girl.