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Would Not have burdened govt, says Pak PM on’sponsored’ Davos Excursion

Terming his involvement in the recently held World Economic Forum (WEF) since the”lowest” official trip, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan revealed his trip was sponsored by a couple of his pals and famous sailors Ikram Sehgal and Imran Chaudhry, it was reported Saturday.

Thanking Sehgal, a retired army officer and chairman of the Pathfinder Group,” Khan said: “He’s instrumental in getting me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have burdened my authorities to pay a sum of $450,000 for 2 nights.”

It’s possibly the very first time that the costs of a Prime Minister’s official journey have been insured by private citizens or spouses.

Reiterating this was an”austerity program”,” Khan said the government must depend on the more than nine million Pakistanis residing abroad.

“The GDP of the nine million overseas Pakistanis in my view is nearly 50 percent of Pakistan’s (total ) GDP of 200 million individuals. So we can utilize this source and they’re able to host these items,” he explained.

The premier said he’d stopped his ministers from moving on junkets, Dawn news reported.

“Whenever they state that they wish to go someplace, I instantly cancel the trip until they convince me that it’ll be productive for your nation. I don’t enable them to go anyplace,” he explained.

To have the ability to attend the WEF annual meeting, an individual needs to be encouraged – in the event is free – or must be part of this Forum.

A member of the WEF costs about $60,000 to $600,000, and an extra fee required to acquire an attendance badge, that runs approximately $27,000 per individual to get in the conference.