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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 vs Honor Band 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Fit: Cost, features, specs matched

Xiaomi just started its brand new physical fitness group in India. Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is an update over the current Mi Band 3 using a new color screen, audio management and revived UI.

Talking of that, Xiaomi unites the budget physical fitness band lineup with a color screen. It competes with present fitness bands such as Honor Band 5 and also Samsung Galaxy Blend. All 3 gym are priced under Rs 10,000 and include comparable specifications and attributes.

Layout, screen

All 3 gym offer you a similar layout but with a few small differences. Honor Circle 5 would be the most different of the three using a rectangular shaped screen. Galaxy Fit also has a square screen but with curved borders. On the flip side, Mi Band 4 includes a pill-shaped screen. The physical fitness bands also come in various strap colors.

Mi Band 4 is offered in blue, black, maroon and orange. Honor Band 5 comes from blue, black and pink. In terms of the Galaxy Fit, it’s supplied in just two colors of silver and black.


Mi Band 4 includes features like 24/7 heartbeat monitoring, daily action tracker, swim tracking with stroke recognition, and great view faces. Additionally, it will come with volume and music controllers.

Honor Band 5 utilizes Huawei’s’TruSleep2.0′ to track heart rate and breathing when sleeping. Besides, it can identify six frequent sleeping problems and provides over 200 personalized sleep tips. Honor Band 5 also alerts users whenever there’s an increase or reduction in their heartbeat documents.

Samsung Galaxy Blend alerts users, whether their listen to speed rises when they’re resting. Galaxy Blend also syncs with the consumer’s smartphone for DND mode. Additionally, it will come with a stress level index and breathing exercises.

Honor Band 5 includes the old Bluetooth 4.2. All 3 rings also have 5ATM evaluation for water resistance.


Mi Band 4 packs a 135mAh battery that is claimed to provide juice up to 20 days. Xiaomi also states it requires less than two hours to control. Honor Band 5 is believed to continue for 14 days straight on a single charge which takes approximately 1.6 hours. Galaxy Fit includes a 120mAh battery that can last for 7-8 times on routine use as well as 11 times on low use.


Mi Band 4 is now the lowest price with a cost of Rs 2,299. Galaxy Fit is the most costly of the three having a cost of Rs 8,990.

Depending on the contrast, all three gyms offer you comparable features except for some which are exclusive to each. If we consider the costs into account, Mi Band 4 and Honor Band 5 are a far superior thought because they priceless compared to Galaxy Fit.