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Yellow vest protesters clash with police near Nantes, France

French police clashed with protesters at Nantes through Act 44 of this yellow vest motion that initially arose in November 2018.

Roughly 1,800 people protested in Nantes, authorities said, and clashes led to many injured.

There were 35 arrests in the western French town, authorities confirmed to AFP.

Police and protesters clashed in Nantes a month in a demonstration honoring a young guy who drowned in town after local authorities attempted to close down a concert held from the riverbank.

A few of the young guy’s titles during protests on Saturday, holdings signs that read”Justice for Steve”. 1 woman held an indication that read: “In France, we mutilate. In France, we grapple.”

Some protesters carried umbrellas in what many have predicted a tribute to the protests in Hong Kong, in which the umbrella has long been a sign of this pro-democracy movement there.

Police said they captured 100 umbrellas later stated that Black Bloc protesters had used umbrellas to alter clothing. Police also said they captured handmade mortars.

In the east of France, 700 people demonstrated in Nancy demanding that French President Emmanuel Macron depart his article.

Five hundred protesters marched in Paris, and approximately 400 accumulated in Lyon, according to the regional prefecture.