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Yogeshwar slams umpiring Article Bajrang’s controversial Reduction

After Bajrang Punia’s controversial reduction from the semi-finals of the World Wrestling Championships, celebrity wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt has contested the umpiring standards at the continuing event in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhastan.

On Thursday, Punia, World No.1 65 kg freestyle wrestler, dropped his semi-final bout against neighborhood wrestler Daulet Niyazbekov at a somewhat controversial manner after procuring the quota for 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Punia, who dropped on the grounds of tie-breaker principles after becoming secured at 9-9 with his Niyazbekov through standards stage — a four-stage movement, was seen pleading with all the mat chairman to take proper action against the house wrestler for many fouls — such as hitting face, yanking costume and delaying tactics.

Punia was a casualty of numerous fouls since Niyazbekov was cautioned however to no avail because he trailed 2-9 after a four-point movement by Niyazbekov that was assessed from the Indian grappler.

“Anyone who watched that the semi-final bout between Bajrang and Niyazbekov can differentiate between right and wrong. Why didn’t the umpires sitting saw that? How can such a mistake occur in a major tournament such as World Championships? Kazakhstan did not play following the principles,” tweeted Dutt in Hindi on Thursday.

Former Olympic wrestler and Ultimate Fighting Championship celebrity Ben Askren tweeted: “Daton got screwed!

Endorsing Dutt’s perspectives, Askren stated: “Dutt understands cheating when it sees it.”

Aside from Punia, Ravi Kumar Dahiya also dropped his jelqing bout 4-6 into Zavur Uguev of Russia from the 57-kg weight class.