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YouTube CEO apologises after Founders slam new Confirmation policy

Barely a day after YouTube rolled out modifications to its confirmation program amid a controversy within the material it compels to its customers, the business’s CEO Susan Wojcicki guaranteed to reevaluate the organization’s newly revamped policy.

Apologizing to movie founders, Wojcicki posted Twitter on Saturday: “To our founders and customers – I am sorry for the frustration and damage we triggered with our brand new approach to confirmation. As I write this, we are working to deal with your concerns and we will have more updates shortly.”

The video-sharing system had stated that it was overhauled its method which gave way to outrage among several YouTube’s countless founders, who stated their confirmed statuses were revoked due to the new demands.

On Thursday, the business said that it would move away from utilizing subscription amounts to ascertain confirmation. On the contrary, it’s going prioritize verifying”notable channels which have a very clear demand for evidence of credibility”, according to a CNET report.

The video-sharing platform has allegedly stated the policy changes, that goes into effect in October, could go away from utilizing subscription amounts to ascertain confirmation.

Verified channels now have a checkmark beside their channel title.